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Böllhoff Technologies

Thread inserts for metals HELICOIL®

HELICOIL® thread inserts create high-strength, wear-resistant, heat-resistant threads of highest precision by transferring the force from flank to flank into the pilot thread.

Thread inserts for plastics AMTEC®

AMTEC® thread inserts are suitable for installation in moulded parts made of thermoset / thermoplastic materials and FCP or CFRP.

Blind rivet nuts and studs RIVKLE®

Highly resilient. RIVKLE® creates load-bearing nut and bolt threads on thin walls where cut threads are unsuitable.

Sealing nuts SEAL LOCK®

Easy to install, doubly reliable. SEAL LOCK® seals simultaneously inside the thread and below the head. The one-piece sealing nuts are easy to fit and with a captive seal to prevent loss.

We are the official distributor of Böllhoff products in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

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